Out of the Abyss

Part 2 Game 4

The party quickly cut down the remainder of the Carrion Crawlers with little to no damage to them or their forces. After a short investigation the party was able to discern that the area has been home to numerous nests of Gricks and some creature came into the area and slaughtered the entire area with barbaric efficiency, even going so far as to climb up and pull everything out of the nests. The result was the walls, ceiling and floor splattered with chunks of Grick rather than dead Grick bodies.

After their experience in the Grick cave the expedition moved forward with some hesitancy as they delved deeper into the underdark. They didn’t seem to encounter much over the next few days, they had an occasional issue of discipline between the members of different factions within the force but were able to bring the situations to an amiable conclusion and resume the mission. The party started making efforts to spread out their forces in a manner to allow interaction between the different groups in order to encourage trust and bonds to develop through the trip and the shared dangers.

The party was awakened early one morning to a member of The Order of the Gauntlet screaming, once the situation was calmed down they discovered the young woman had a horrible dream of a monstrous slime creatures attacking an outpost of goblins. She described the goblins as going mad and falling upon each other as well as attacking each other in their sudden madness of fury, all the while the slime creature reached out with tentacles made of ooze and dragged the goblins closer and engulfed them whole and the goblins were quickly dissolved all the way down to the bone. It appeared to shake the veteran of the order to her very core.

As the party moved on they discovered a small group of orcs traveling in a parrallel tunnel and were able to trail them without the orcs being able to detect them, mostly due to the skill of, Sulundir “Sully”. After some investigation they discovered the orcs were carrying two human prisoners.

The party discussed the situation and decided to follow the orcs to their base feeling obligated to rescue the prisoners. The expedition followed the orcs to their base and after some fairly superficial surveillance the party put the expedition into a defensive position and burst into the orc tribes base firing at anything they could see. As the party gained a foothold into large cavern the orcs responded in full force with warriors coming from other chambers, two large Oni’s, elite guards, and spell casters launching attacks back at the party. As the party began a small retreat to consolidate their position in their foothold and decide how to proceed the Orc tribe chieftain charged into the fray as Bomir was forced to dispel his mount back to its Astral home and leave it’s saddlebags laying on the ground in the chamber….now behind the line of enemies.

Should they retreat, hold, or push forward into the hornet’s nest they have kicked over.

Part 2, Game 4


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