Out of the Abyss

Part 2 Game 6

After their flight for from Juiblex the party set camp and rested for the evening but they assured the guards were quite awake all night. After a peaceful night though the expedition gathered up and headed off to make their way closer to Mantol-Derith.

After traveling for two days the party found evidence of a gruesome battle. The party found the remains of numerous flying demons called Chasmes and the corpse of one large serpentine creature called a Behir. The party did some investigating and were able to discern that the two sides had killed each other but further evidence revealed at least one behir had survived the attack and fled, in addition to that numerous chasmes had given chase.

While traveling further, seeing the occasional sign of the fleeing Behir and the demons giving chase the party were, “ambushed” by a small force of goblins….who quickly learned they were outmatched by the expedition, as the goblins came to realize their mistake they turned to flee but where quickly chased down and cut to ribbons by the party’s forward scouts. Namely, Sulundir “Sully”.

While traveling across a section of wide open and segmented caverns the party stumbled upon a member of an underdark organization known as the, “Society of Brilliance.” They traded information with the friendly Mind Flayer named Graxxilaxx before moving onward toward Mantol-Derity. As they came into a large cavern they found the wounded Behir hiding and nursing it’s wounds. The party approached the wounded creature and made attempts to communicate with it. As soon as the creature realized their presence it lashed out violently with it’s lightning breath before charging forward and wrapping itself around the shield guardian in an attempt to crush it. As the party attempted to kill the Behir before it could destroy the shield guardian buzzing sounds could be heard from every direction around them as the hunters finally caught up to their prey…..and possible….a new group of things to hunt.

part 2 Game 6


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