Out of the Abyss

Part 2 Game 7

As the fight broke out in full the party battled with the behir as it wrapped around and crushed the shield guardian and continued to resist many of the magic thrown at it. Shortly after this point the flying insectoid demons entered the cavern and went straight for the behir, ignoring the party. As the party chasme neared it, the behir let go of the shield guardian and attacked the chasme with a passion, killing one. With the wounds inflicted by the party and the chasme combined the behir wavered and fell dead before it could turn back on the party but they had more of the demons to deal with, who, with the behir now dead, turned on the group. With Bomir riding his lizard to battle armed with a lance and the archery skills of the rest of the party….and Orryn Raulnor
appearing and disappearing randomly around the battlefield the party was able to put down the demons in short order before taking stock of the battle they stumbled into and considering themselves lucky for having survived intact……mostly.

As the party traveled on they found an abundance of fungal growth and plant growth in the tunnels through which they traveled. After traveling for a few days they found themselves traveling through tunnels in various stages of flooding up until they came upon a shore on the edge of a raging underground river. The party made the decision to construct boats or rafts in order to traverse the river. They broke up the party between five boats and further broke up the expedition in the same five boats.

SA short time later the party started their journey down the rapids after using a sturdy rope to tie four of the boats together and leaving Sulundir “Sully” untied and able to move more freely ahead.

The party quickly learned that the rapids of rivers anywhere, especially in the underdark do not concern themselves with the planning or forethought given to crossing them. The five boats were quickly swept away down tunnels and bounced off rocks here and there. The party took many eventful turns and twists before finding themselves in a slow descent down a dark tunnel. The five boats took a sudden and unexpected drop towards a large cavern lake and the speed and drop combined reduced both Bomir and Deorondan to fits of vomiting and dizziness as they fell to the floor of their respective boats. As the five boats settled out on the surface of the large lake and began being swept towards tunnels at the far end of the cavern they saw a sand and gravel beachhead and immediately began paddling towards it. Sully was able to reach it but with Bomir and Deorondan incapacitated their boats became a drag on the others as they paddled towards the shore and left them nearly at a standstill fighting the current. Sully threw a rope out and was able to land a rope onto the boat or raft belonging to Orryn and he began pulling the boats towards the short, as the boats were pulled toward the shore and suddenly without warning Orryn’s boat shot ahead as the rope attaching his boat to the other three became….unattached. As Orryn’s boat slid onto the shore the river unforgiving pulled the other three boats away and down a dark tunnel out of sight.

Game 7-1

Game 7-2


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