Out of the Abyss

Part 2, Game 2

The party returned to their quarters and spent the next day in preparation for the planned celebrations of the next evening. Later in the day the party was brought finely stitched clothing and shortly thereafter they were collected by the same Emissary who escorted them through the city upon their arrival.

The party was taken to the Vault of Kings and as they were escorted into the feast hall they noticed many groups of surface races already seated and segregated by table. As the party walked the length of the hall they realized they were being measured from all sides before they were seated at the high table at the side of King bruenor battlehammer. King bruenor welcome the party to the feast by announcing them as heroes to all gathered and with that he commenced the feasting.

After all the eating was done the hall was opened up for celebration for all those in attendance and as the party moved down among the crowd the different groups began to move out from their segregated tables to make conversation. After many interesting conversations between the party and the representatives a slow rumble that was increasing in strength could be felt from below, moments later a primal and terrifying roar emanated from the very stone around them as the braziers along the walkway of the feasting hall burst into columns of flame 15 feet high. From within the swirling columns of flame four fire elementals stepped onto this plane of existence. All around the hall the organization retinues surrounded their leaders and retreated as the party stepped forward weapons bared but unarmored to fight the Elementals that threatened all.

Shortly thereafter after the Elementals were destroyed and many of the party left singed the guards and King Bruenor Battlehammer himself ran into the area and inform the party that the primordial below Gauntlgrym had stirred as the planer gates that kept it in its slumber weakened for a few moments due to some environmental disturbance weakening their link. King Bruenor stated he believed this was related to the corruption of the Demon Lords in the Underdark and explained further that it was his intention to form an expedition with the party at its head made up of members of all the factions represented tonight and for the party to head back into the underdark to find the lost Stone Giant library of Gravenhallow where they hope to find more information with which to formulate a plan to send the demon Lords back to the abyss.

There were substantial sound setting changes during these videos to fix some errors.

Part 2, Session 2-1
-sound starts at 35:28

Part 2, Session 2-2
-sound starts at 20:40


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