Out of the Abyss

Part 2, Game 1

Three months ago the party ended their harrowing and deadly flight from their drow slave masters by creeping out of a small cave in the mountains south of Neverwinter. The party was worn down and bedraggled after all they had accomplished. After taking time to rest and recuperate the party received a messenger from the dwarven King Bruenor Battlehammer summoning the party to Gauntlgrym.

Upon arriving the party was escorted through the city that, while monumental and tremendous in design has suffered greatly over the centuries and is in a state is ruin but there were also signs everywhere of the dwarves working furiously to restore the city to it’s rightful glory. The party were given rooms in the residential areas of the city and then escorted to the Throne room, where they were greeted by King Battlehammer, who requested they sit and tell their tale, in entirety.

As the party concluded their tale, they were told by King Battlehammer there would be a feast tomorrow where many interested organizations would be represented and he would like the group to attend.

Part 2, Session 1 Video


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