Half-orc Paladin

Just over six feet and 220 pounds Bomir is quite a massive humanoid. Despite his Orcish lineage Bomir looks suprisingly human. Even his teeth only protrude a small amount from his mouth. Depending on what he is wearing, and the light of day he can easily be mistaken for a human, which is what he prefers. He is quite ashamed of his Orcish lineage and despises almost every member of their race.

Bomir’s earliest memory is living with a tribe of Orc’s basically as a servant and a prisoner. The Orc’s were a particularly savage tribe, and very small. They treated Bomir just about as well as they treated their other human prisoner, Hornan. Due to the fact they were both treated harshly they formed a bond with each other. Because of Bomir’s half-orc lineage, he was much stronger and tougher than Hornan. For this reason the Orc’s would beat Hornan more. Bomir would always attempt to stop the Orc from beating the human child but this would only result in both of them being beaten more. So Bomir developed a strategy of taunting the Orc to get the attention of the attacker. After doing this constantly Bomir really learned how to take a beating for someone else. One day when the Orc’s were planning on traveling farther into the underdark (they were currently being held in the middle dark) Hornan devised a plan to escape the Orc’s. During the plan something went wrong and Hornan was captured again by the same tribe. Bomir was forced to watch as they traveled into the lowerdark.

Bomir was discovered by a group of traveling paladins. This group of paladins were particularly gracious, so they took in Bomir and raised him as a paladin. Due to Bomir not spending most of his life in a civilized setting his education wasnt quite at the level of his fellow paladin students. When he became of age it was clear to his instructors that he was more interested in traveling to the underdark to rid the world of his vile Orc counterparts and find his lost companion Hornan.

Due to Bomir’s bond with Hornan, the Half-orc has a huge soft spot for humans, or creatures that look like humans. He will almost instinctively go to protect a human in danger, especially if that human is being attacked by an Orc. When Bomir left his paladin counterparts he decided to enlist as a soldier hoping that would help him in quest to the underdark. Humans quickly see Bomir’s passion to protect humans and his unique skills with his rudimentary paladin training and he is assigned as a front line soldier with a specialty to keep his fellow infantrymen alive. After a short time his old paladin mentor convinced him that the path to completing his goal is adventure and prayer, not town guard duty. Bomir took the advice and journeyed to the underdark. Due to the fact he has no adventuring experience, he was captured almost immediately by a group of Drow. As he sat in the Drow prison cell he thought to himself…

“This journey is a waste of time. What chance do I have of finding a single human in this world of darkness. Hornan…Hornan is gone.”

With that he decided to do what he must to escape and go back to protecting the ones who took him in. At least there he can prevent the innocent from being taken and raised as slaves like he and his friend once were.


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