Orryn Raulnor

Gnome Wizard


He appears extremely short and very thin, even compared to other Gnomes, but is actually as tough and corded with muscle as old drift wood (Wiry).His head is shaved bald but his eyes brows are bushy. His nose is slightly bulbous and ears are slightly pointed and swept back. His beard is sculpted but just as bushy as his eyebrows. He wears goggle like spectacles over his hard blue eyes. He usually dresses in unrelieved black, which seems slightly odd for a Gnome.

He rarely shows any emotion but when he does it is explosive. He is friendly with those he knows, but reserved. He reads people and situations before he decides/commits.



“My actual name is 47 names long, but you may call me Orryn Raulnor. Let me tell you how I ended up here.”

“I was born in the year of 1275 DR in the small town of Sambar, on the island know as Lantan’s Rest now. It was know as the technological capital of the world, before the Spellplague saw to the end of all that…or should I say a tsunami saw to the end of all that…but I am getting ahead of myself.”

“I was born to Farai and Lolan Raulnor. Lolan was the Burgomaster (Mayor) of Sambar, so my birth was much celebrated by everyone in the town, especially since my father declared it a 10 day holiday. After everything settled down, my Mothers cousin (8th cousin, 4 times removed) gave me my Birth Pet, a weasel named Shola. Weasels, most weasels, only live about three years, Shola lived to five. When she died, I was heartbroken. I didn’t understand why she had to go, then why she had to be burned…Lantan being an island, burials were not practical. I grabbed her body and ran away, hiding from everyone. 3 days later when I returned Shola was riding back on my shoulder. My parents were astonished that she was alive, they had checked her body and prepared it for the miniature pyre. Even I noticed that she was much more aggressive since I brought her back. 6 days later when the smell became overpowering and her ear fell off, we knew something was wrong. My father took us to the temple of Garl Glittergold, where we were told that she had been raised from the dead but she was not alive. The Priests destroyed the animal and burned it in the temple.”

“30 years later, after numerous indications of magic, I was sent to the Island of Orlil. The Mages College was located there. I felt as if this was an exile, my parent had never been comfortable with me ever since the incident with Shola. I spent nine years learning my profession. It became clear, shortly after I arrived, that I had an talent for Necromancy. That branch of magic always came easy to me, well easier than the rest of my studies, though none of my studies challenged me. After my Final Showing and Certification I was given a Letter of Introduction to the Mages Guild in Waterdeep. I left and never saw the Isle of Lantan, or my people again.”

“Upon arrival, I was initiated into the subsect of the Mages Guild, called The Guild of the Dead. The sect of wizards and clerics had multiple functions, including Raising the Dead to investigate suspicious deaths, at the request of the family if there is a question of inheritance, and other such reasons…We were also called to prepare the dead for their final journey. I traveled constantly perfecting my arts and offering my services as needed. I enjoyed this immensely…that is until the Time of Trouble and Spellplague.”

“During the Time of Troubles magic ceased to function correctly, it…diminished us in the eyes of the common people. Then the Spellplague…magic fluctuated so wildly, first nothing then a torrent. During this time I found out that the Isle of Lantan had been wiped clean of everything from Natural Disasters.”

“Once the Spellplague concluded and magic was closer to what it had been before. I set out once again. Many years later I was searching for…something… when I was set upon by…something…The last thing I remember was looking into Golden eyes and hearing a familiar yet alien chanting. When I came to, almost all of the last 100 years were blank. Not everything was gone just bits and pieces here and there were left. I felt the…urge…guidance…that the answers I seek will be in the Underdark. 6 days after I awoke, a Drow raiding party captured me a brought me into the Underdark, selling me into slavery. So it begins…”

“I am tired now, leave me be…”

Orryn Raulnor

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